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  • Name:PIVITA
  • Born: 10.07.2017
  • Breed: mestizo, Mix, Mischling
  • Size: mini
  • Weight: ca. 6,2 kg
  • Sex: female
  • Castrate: yes
  • Description: Several times we removed dogs in a very bad condition from a woman's house, where she holds them all together, mixed them up, are bred and also many die because of bad posture, because the place is full of dirt and where there are also many rats that infected the dogs with leptospirosis. Many puppies are trampled to death by the other dogs. Every time we took a lot of dogs with us that she no longer wanted ... we dewormed and neutered there, but she hid others in the house that she did not want to give us to continue breeding. The neighbors told us the situation was out of control again and she refused to give us any more dogs so we had to file a complaint and the police confiscated some of the dogs and gave us 5 of them. They are father and son: SEÑOR and CHICO , a mother PIVITA and her 2 puppies, both males FOX and FEZ. After the first deworming, all 5 of them first had to be tested for leptospirosis which wass negative for all of them, than they were tested for other illnesses and all of them got their microchip and vaccinations CHICO weighs 6 kg and is 2 years old. He's very good, but a little shy. But with human contact and affection, it will soon pass. SEÑOR, he weighs 7.7 kg and is 11 years old, but he is very vital, lively and sociable. He has filaria, but we have already started his treatment. PIVITA, is the little mom. She weighs 6.2 kg and is 4 years old. She also has filaria and we started the treatment inmedeatly . She has a very good and loving character. FOX (black) and FEZ (white) are both puppies and are 3 months old. They are cute, sociable, and playful like all puppies. And all of them got a good bath first !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Contact: Gran Canaria Pets




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